JK Products & Services leads the tanning and beauty industry with global brands like Ergoline, Beauty Angel and Wellness JK. Our goal is to bring the world together through innovative technology and superior quality.
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News with Solconnect

A Natural Solution

Breathe Better

As we start to navigate through the re-opening of the economy and begin exposing ourselves to daily life again, we know that ‘living life’ doesn’t leave much room for avoiding contagions.

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Time to get

Back to business

2020 has brought unprecedented times for all. With constant uncertainties, our daily business lives have been altered. Some of us are working from home and some of us have had to close..

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Time to move

Time to be still

During this time of year, people begin to think about their weight, stress, and over all well-being. It’s that time of year where we may have already broken the promises made to ourselves..

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Healthy customers

Healthy equipment

We all want to maintain a healthy balance in our lives. We balance work with play, and we balance meals with fitness. An essential part of keeping a healthy balance is keeping it..

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