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The Sunrise 7200 Hybrid is the most versatile and innovative stand up unit. At first glance, the vertical design and bright texture inspires with eye catching design and a unique LED light show. Equipped with the unique combination of Red Light and UV along with Beauty Light LED facial tanning technology, the Sunrise 7200 Hybrid delivers a new and heightened result for your stand-up tanners.


cooling plus






Experience Hybrid Performance in a whole new light with the Ergoline Sunrise 7200 Hybrid. The eye-catching prismatic design draws your attention and the LED light show inspires. Combined with a unique mix of Red Light and UV lamps, this all new stand-up is sure to make a statement, inviting your customers to a whole new tanning experience. Beauty Light LED’s surround the facial area and with the Personal Sunstyle, users can reduce UV output during a session while maintaining the benefits of Red Light for the body and face. The 3D sound system with Bluetooth® connect transforms the Sunrise into a dance floor and the surround cooling plus ventilation delivers a fresh breeze from head to toe. All comfort settings are controlled by a simple touch of a button on the new, easy-to-use Smart Control Panel.

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welcome to the world of hybrid

Ground breaking Hybrid Light Technology from Ergoline is a unique combination of UV and Red Light in harmony to deliver a new level of tanning and skin care results. The result of this holistic environment creates synergistic effects between Red Light and UV, providing a
more natural looking and longer lasting tan.


See the difference: Immediately.

The Sunrise 7200 Hybrid brings UV and Red Light together in perfect harmony and it’s a match made in heaven. Experience color like never before with the perfect combination of light and beauty. Groundbreaking technology available only at Ergoline, gives your customers a whole new and heightened color result.

Choose your UV Intensity, from Sensitive to Intense

Personal Sunstyle creates the ideal customization, allowing customers to reduce UV while maintaining the benefits of of full-body Red Light. Obtain beautiful color, all while choosing the session that best fits you.

Level 1: Sensitive – 65% UV/ 100% Red Light

Level 2: Medium – 85% UV/ 100% Red Light

Level 3: Intense – 100% UV/ 100% Red Light

Eye Catching

They eye-catching prismatic design draws your attention and the LED light show inspires – making a statement in any salon.

Find your Own Vibe

Listening to you own music during a session has never been easier with Bluetooth Connect. Pair your device in secons and enjoy your session.

VIP Access –  Everytime

With NFC Connect, various comfort settings can be saved on a customer card – all individual preferences are already set for the next visit. It’s simple!

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Performance & Technology

comfort & features

Session Time
9 Minutes
Hybrid Performance
LED Technology
32 x Beauty Light LEDs
Low Pressure Lamps
34 X 200 W UV Lamps
14 X 200 W Smartsun (RL & UV)
Facial Tanner
Spaghetti Lamps
Shoulder Tan
Personal Sunstyle
Sensitive, Medium, Intense
External Display
Internal Display
Smart Control
Air Conditioning
Surround Cooling Plus
Aqua Fresh & Aroma
External Lighting
Internal Lighting
LED Light Show
LED Interior Light
3D Sound System
Smart Phone Connection
Bluetooth Connect & MP3 Aux
NFC Connect
Voice Guide
Set-Up Manager
Professional Set-up Manager

technical Specifications

Dimension Closed
48-7/8 x 57-13/16 x 90-7/8
Dimensions Open
56-3/4 x 57-13/16 x 90-7/8
Min. Recommended Room size (L x W ft)
8 x 7
Unit Footprint (L x W in)
88-7/64 x 94-1/2 x 94-1/2
Max Power Consumption with 400/415 V 3N Power Supply
10,600 W
Fuse (delayed action)
40 amp 3 phase
70 amp single phase
1,202 lbs

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